Nick Lemmon

Nick is the Drummer for Southern Heat, born and raised in Hammond, Louisiana, where he currently resides with his wife and kids. Nick is a powerful Rockin' Country drummer, who brings a unique and exciting presence to the stage. His biggest influences include the likes of <nicks influences>. 

Nick was born into a musical family and his father, grandfather, and uncle had a band named Southern Spice. It was at those band rehearsals and campground shows that Nick would find his way to the drums, at the age of 5. When Nick was 8 years old, he would get his first opportunity to play drums with his family's band and the rest is history. 

Nick went on to play with several bands over the years, playing covers and recording original music all over the gulf coast from Florida to Texas, with acts such as Bob Browning and Company and Bulletproof. Nick has had the opportunity to open shows for Love and Theft, Dylan Scott, The Lacs, Daryle Singletary, Cannan Smith, UpChurch the Redneck and many more. 

Nick spent some time away from music after Bulletproof, to focus on his career and raise his young family, but music is always calling him and he couldn't stay away forever. Nick did a spot gig for Southern Heat (then Livewire) in 2021 and decided that he wanted to be a permanent member of the band. Nick became an integral part of the band and a great fit with Tony in the rhythm section. His awesome work in the powerhouse rhythm section of Southern Heat, is what makes you have to get up and move your feet!